About us

Experience, know-how, passion & boldness.

A family passion

In the Stassen family, a passion for beverage production has been passed down from generation to generation since 1895. The know-how and generosity can be felt in every sip of bubbles, made with the finest fruit in the traditional way, in the heart of Belgium’s Aubel Valley.

Désalcoolisation du vin -

At the end of the 1980s, the Stassen family began to deal with the dealcoholisation of its products. A pioneer in Europe, it equipped itself with state-of-the-art facilities and developed an innovative process. Since then, it has acquired unique expertise and know-how in this process.

Creation of Vintense

In 2011, the Vintense brand was created, becoming the first brand of dealcoholised wines in Belgium. Consumers appreciate the quality and inimitable taste of the Stassen family’s non-alcoholic beverages, which meet their desire for sensible consumption.

Number 1

With a 45% market share of still and sparkling alcohol-free wines in Belgium (Nielsen 2022), Vintense has become the leading brand of dealcoholised wines. Vintense is renowned for its inimitable quality and flavour. It is distributed in over 40 countries.

Anne Stassen,COO Neobulles

We have inherited from our ancestors the taste for good products, the demand for quality and the pleasure of sharing. Today, Vintense has become the benchmark for alcohol-free wines. Our brand has created a trend. To anchor it in a sustainable way, we continue to make it evolve constantly. A true source of inspiration. Vintense will continue to surprise.

  • 11+

    won at international competitions, judged by prestigious juries. These medals bear witness to exceptional recognition of the quality of our products.

  • 40+

    Vintense is experiencing dazzling growth abroad. Our Belgian expertise has been exported for years, with distribution in many countries.

  • 2Mio+

    Our success continues to grow, with over 2 million bottles sold in Belgium (leader in alcohol-free wine) and around the world.

  • 18

    make Vintense a rich and diversified brand offering consumers and professionals a wide range of flavours.

Blason Vintense
Désalcoolisation du vin -

Our know-how

Vintense offers a range of top-quality alcohol-free wines. Made from the finest grape varieties, they are dealcoholised using Belgian know-how and a unique process.


The 0% trend

More than ever, alcohol consumption is at the centre of discussions. More and more people are deciding to limit it, either permanently or temporarily.