Vinalies Internationales 2024 - Vintense
Vintense wins 2 gold medals at the Vinalies Internationales 2024, underlining its excellence in alcohol-free wines.
Matthias Soberon - Cocktail sans alcool
Alcohol-free cocktails
With over 100k followers on Instagram, Matthias Soberon is much more than a mixologist: he's a true artist, pushing the boundaries of creativity in cocktails.
Gloria sans alcool - Non-alcoholic Gloria - Alcoholvrije gloria
Discover a refreshing new creation in the world of alcohol-free mixology: the non-alcoholic Gloria.
Vintense Les Galets Cobbler - Cobbler sans alcool - Non-alcoholic Cobbler - Alcoholvrije Cobbler
Alcohol-free cocktails, Recipe
Explore the world of "Les Galets Cobbler", a non-alcoholic Cobbler created by Matthias Soberon to showcase our Les Galets O°rigin!
vintense - airmail sans alcool - alcoholvrije airmail - non-alcoholic airmail
Alcohol-free cocktails, Recipe
Discover the "Timbre", our alcohol-free Airmail cocktail created by Matthias Soberon, featuring Vintense Prestige Blanc de Blancs!
pina colada sans alcool - alcohovrij pina colada - non-alcoholic pina colada - vintense
Alcohol-free cocktails, Recipe
If the idea of an exquisite non-alcoholic Pina Colada appeals to you, discover our great 0% Terra Colada recipe.
Damien Pauquet - Vintense - Nutrition et vin sans alcool
Non-alcoholic wine: low in sugar, calories and carbohydrates? Damien Pauquet, dietician and sports nutritionist explains it all!
Vintense shines with 3 medals at the Global Low & No Alcohol Wine Masters 2023, testifying to its excellence in alcohol-free wines.
champagne sans alcool Prestige Vintense
Add a touch of elegance to your celebrations with Vintense's non-alcoholic champagne alternatives. Non-alcoholic sparkling wines.
Our alcohol-free wines triumphed at the Prague Wine Trophy with 4 medals. Our Chardonnay won the "Prague Premium Gold" medal, our Syrah the "Prague Gold", and our Fines Bulles were awarded the "Prague Silver".
4 of our Vintense references awarded bronze medals at the famous International Wine & Spirit Competition.