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Welcome to Vintense, your source of inspiration for discovering alcohol-free alternatives while enjoying delicious festive drinks. We invite you to dive into our world and explore two must-haves: non-alcoholic sangria and non-alcoholic glühwein, also known as non-alcoholic mulled wine. At Vintense, we offer you a refreshing and tasty experience, ideal for all seasons. Discover the alcohol-free pleasures of sangria and glühwein and let yourself be seduced by their authenticity and exquisite taste.

Alcohol-free sangria: a symphony of fruity flavours

Alcohol-free sangria is an emblematic drink that perfectly combines conviviality and fruity flavours. At Vintense, we’ve created an exquisite alcohol-free sangria that will delight your taste buds. Our experts have carefully selected fresh, flavoursome fruit to deliver an unrivalled taste experience. Enjoy the delicate notes of lemon, orange and red fruits, subtly balanced to create a fruity symphony with every sip.

Alcohol-free glühwein: a comforting drink for the colder seasons

Non-alcoholic glühwein, or non-alcoholic mulled wine, is a comforting drink that instantly evokes the warm spirit of the festive season. At Vintense, we’ve captured the essence of this traditional drink by creating a non-alcoholic glühwein that warms the heart without compromising on taste.

Vintense Glow'ine - Vin chaud sans alcool - glühwein
  • 0.0% alcohol
  • 75cl
sangria sans alcool
  • 0.0% alcohol
  • 75cl
Anne StassenCOO Neobulles
These are symphonies of flavours that combine inclusion and conviviality, offering everyone the chance to toast the joy of meeting new people without the barrier of alcohol.
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