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Our process for creating alcohol-free wine involves three carefully orchestrated stages, guaranteeing incomparable quality with every sip.
The selection of grape varieties
Step 1

The selection of grape varieties

The selection of grape varieties is a crucial step in the creation of our non-alcoholic drinks. Our oenologists are charged with carefully selecting wines that will retain their special characteristics at the end of the dealcoholisation process.

For this reason, they give preference to wines with recognised organoleptic characteristics, from sun- drenched terroirs, in the most beautiful areas of Spain and elsewhere. The excellence of the raw material guarantees the quality and consistency of our vintages. Our wines thus retain their density in the mouth and offer an unparalleled oenological experience that fulfils all its promises.

Désalcoolisation du vin -
Made in Belgium
The unique<br>de-alcoholisation process
Step 2

The unique
de-alcoholisation process

Once our wines have been selected, the unique dealcoholisation process can begin. This process preserves the subtle aromas of the original wines, while guaranteeing an absolute alcohol content of 0.0%.

This state-of-the-art technique consists of extracting all the alcohol present in the wine by exerting a low vacuum pressure on the wine, allowing the alcohol to evaporate at a low temperature (maximum 25-30°C). This prevents the volatile aromas from disappearing and guarantees that the organoleptic qualities of the original wine are maintained. The essential taste and aroma characteristics of the wine are preserved. Unlike other brands that heat the wine to a higher temperature, Vintense de-alcoholised drinks lose very little flavour.

the blending
Step 3

the blending

Finally, the blending ensures a strong structure, a perfect balance and the freshness of the Vintense 0.0% alcohol range. The bottles of Vintense are ready to be labelled and to reveal their most beautiful colours…

The complexity of our mission for Vintense is to select a wine that has been dealcoholized and must not be altered, to avoid the addition of sugars or other substitutes as much as possible. Alcohol allows to hide a lot of weaknesses. Whereas dealcoholisation does not suffer from mediocrity.» explains Thierry Cowez, consultant oenologist.

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Our story

Vintense offers a range of top-quality alcohol-free wines. Made from the finest grape varieties, they are dealcoholised using Belgian know-how and a unique process.


The 0% trend

More than ever, alcohol consumption is at the centre of discussions. More and more people are deciding to limit it, either permanently or temporarily.